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A Medical Analogy

We develop type 2 diabetes because our pancreas does not supply sufficient insulin to carry the sucrose in our bloodstream to the fatty cells which require them.

We must supplement the insulin upon which we are dependent through medication for the remainder of our life.

We develop Financial 'Dependency' when after our first 30 - 40 years of earning an income we do not have sufficient capital to provide a sustainable income for us during a further second 30 - 40 years during our retirement.

To supplement our income we may have to continue to work during retirement and supply the necessary financial 'insulin' that we need.

Both events have a common cause.

Simply put, we are unaware that either condition has been developing for years.

Both the medical and financial versions are at epidemic levels.

The Financial version is impacting 1 out of 2 Canadians who are preparing for retirement - the boomers.

Without a Financial prescription retirement will not take place either as planned or as expected.

There is a solution to the financial condition.

It includes awareness, time and discipline in its application.

We would pleased to share it with you.

Ask us and we will share it with you.

Dan Zwicker
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