The purpose of all high performance coaching whether in sports or elsewhere is to build on and develop exponential growth in self confidence.

The trajectory of self confidence is an exponential growth curve similar in shape to a compound interest curve.

Great coaches understand that in preparing athletes for high performance competition the training regimen must move the athlete up the curve as high as the athlete is capable of achieving.

The purpose behind this training is to prepare the athlete to take the 'hits' that will inevitably occur and to persist inspite of the obstacles.

When an athlete has moved up the curve to a significantly high level of self confidence and is confronted by a serious setback the dynamics are similar to those of a shock absorber in an automobile when it travels over rough terrain.

The shock absorber compresses to absorb the shock and and immediately returns to its normal fully extended position.

High levels of self confidence behave in a similar fashion.

The athlete takes the hit, physical or otherwise, absorbs it and rebounds quickly to his or her normal state of self confidence.

When the stakes are high in athletics or in other pursuits the 'athlete' whose self confidence is highest will prevail - all other attributes being equal - which they seldom are.

In a financial industry where the need for the products sold is 100% and the demand is zero the presence of very high levels of self confidence is essential.

Job #1 is coaching self confidence - among those whose development matters to us.

Dan Zwicker.

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