Direct access by retiring boomers and other consumers to the Best and The Brightest Professional Financial Retirement Practitioners in Canada is prohibitively complex
We have channelled direct access out of the current traditional distribution infrastructure and made it digitally available in real time and, thereby, reduced the cost of access to zero.


A Financial safety net


Financial Prescriptions


Financial Physicians

A personal note from Dan Zwicker:

We would like to help you with what it takes to retire in this chaotic financial environment. We are well prepared to do what it takes.
Here is a brief outline to get you going.


There are 14,000,000 boomers retiring now in Canada and 76,000,000 boomers in the US. They are retiring in distress.
Many of the retirement assumptions we have made have been negatively impacted. For example, personal savings, intergenerational inheritances, time remaining until retirement and more recently the decimation of whatever savings were in place prior to the global financial meltdown.
Product solutions follow competent financial retirement advice. They should not precede it.That is the problem we face within the industry....it is product driven.We are committed to solving it with and for you.


There are not enough professionally designated, trained and highly experienced (i.e. lifetime capital and income preservation) financial retirement practitioners to serve 90,000,000 boomers in Canada and the US.

1 There is no charge for our service.

2 Our objective is to provide you with the due diligence necessary to access the Best and the Brightest Professional Financial Retirement practitioners in Canada.

3 We know who and where they are.

4 Prior to a financial prescription most of us need competent trustworthy financial advice.

Give us 5 minutes and we will give you access to 30 years.

We will help you answer 2 key questions:

"Can I retire?"

"Will I be OK?"

For immediate help please contact:


or at


We will get back to you in real time.

All the best!

Dan Zwicker, Principal
First Financial Consulting Group

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