Linkedin, Twitter and Facebook are not a social media strategy. They are merely channels for your content and containers reflecting your presence. Your presence and content mean nothing to others unless you can add value to others.

Everyone seems to be pursuing social media strategies and many, if not all, call themselves a strategist. Most of the actions in the social space today are consumed with marketing and advertising using the same thinking with new technology. The essence of all things social is relational while the market uses all things social as institutional mediums for traditional marketing.

A relationship strategy differs from a marketing strategy in that it recognizes the long-term value of forming lasting relations, as opposed to most “Intrusion” marketing strategies. Old marketing strategies focus upon acquisition of new clients by targeting majority demographics based upon prospective target lists.

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Jay Deragon

The Relationship Economy

September 3,2010


Dan Zwicker said...
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Dan Zwicker said...

This article features the difference between traditional 'push' (intrusion) marketing and contemporary relationship 'pull' marketing. 'Pull' marketing is premised upon client 'engagement' through a client centric focus. Engagement requires the capacity for one-on-one leadership. Leadership requires implicit trust.