The solution to the needs of 14,000,000 boomers in Canada requires the integration of 4 elements, namely, products, distribution, competently trained and highlt competent intellectual capital i.e. designated advisors and real time IT/media based, highly interactive communication competence. The boomers and their children are wired and ready.The Canadian life insurance industry is competent and creative in the design and production of contemporary products. The Canadian banking industry has exceptional distribution, namely, a nation wide distribution channel that includes over 6,000 bank branches and other delivery channels and the Canadian life insurance has a nation wide network of licensed life insurance advisors. We believe that the solution to the boomer/middle income life insurance needs can only arise out of the integration of the best in each of our highly successful and in many ways exemplary Canadian financial institutions.It requires the integration of the best not the worst. A fully operational platform already exists with RBC.Banking is transactional except for the wealth management sector. Insurance is both transactional and relationship driven. The boomer sector requires advice obtained through trust relationships. This need is and has always been the toughest need to fulfill through our conventional existing platforms. Accordingly, it has been abandoned by the life industry as a direct result of the change in the Ontario legistation governing the independence of life insurance advisors. No one sector has the solution. The Banks and the life industry together do.Integration can only succeed if the absolute focus is on the needs of the enormous market sectors whose well being is at stake. One other entity that would prefer to see a solution is the government of Canada. If our banking and life institutions fail to solve the needs of this very vital economic group the government will be forced to find their own solution. If they do an integrated solution might look very attractive.Finally the IT means of communicating efficiently in real time is here and being used extensively by the sector most at risk. The distribution/advisory/communication solutions are in place. We are executing our plan of action.
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